East meets West: Social Reflection and Integration


  1. To attract LL scholars from Europe, America, Africa, and Asia to meet and share their research findings.

  2. To introduce Asian LL to Western scholars and vice versa.

  3. To encourage the integration of various branches of knowledge.

  4. To promote understanding of society through LL study.


  • LL in diverse parts of the world

  • LL, language contact, and cultural diffusion

  • LL in different domains of language use

  • LL and language policy and planning

  • Contributions of LL to interdisciplinary frameworks

  • Application of LL to real-life problems

  • LL and  language proficiency

  • LL and social values, social function, social ideology 

  • LL and  identity (gender, religion, etc.)

  • Verbal art in LL

Contact Us

XIScape2019 , Department of Linguistics,

Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, 10330, Thailand

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