Although called “the world’s premier gathering of scholars investigating the intersection of language, communication and space/place,”* the ten Linguistic Landscape Workshops to date (seven in Europe, two in Africa, one in North America), together with the publications growing out of those workshops (see the bibliography below), have been weighted heavily in favor of scholarship from and about locales in the West. Linguistic Landscape XI is the first Linguistic Landscape Workshop to be situated on the world’s largest and most populous continent. Fittingly, the theme of LL XI is “East Meets West: Social Reflection and Integration,” recognizing the significance of physical location and cultural context for understanding ways of communicating and making meaning. The theme opens the opportunity to explore the linguistic, social, political and economic consequences of languages and cultures in contact in contexts less familiar to many scholars in the West. The conference also affords an opportunity for Linguistic Landscape scholars in the region and throughout Asia who may not have had the opportunity to attend any previous ones to experience firsthand the intellectual rigor and warm camaraderie of a Linguistic Landscape Workshop. The planning committee for Linguistic Landscape xi extends a warm welcome to all.

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The Linguistic Landscape Workshop had moved from location to location each year without a steering committee. The planning and organization of each gathering is entirely in the hands of the respective conveners and their host institutions, who are selected by workshop delegates at an open business meeting. If you would like to bid to host a future gathering please see the following guidelines drawn up by the conveners of LL9 (Luxembourg) and LL10 (Bern):

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